Being human. No more and no less.

Our primary aim is the responsibility towards our clients. But of course also towards the people who use the products we distribute or the ones who call upon our services.

We face the fulfillment of your demands on a reliable, always high quality standard and nevertheless are flexible in the process.

We keep our costs as low as possible in order to be able to maintain reasonable prices. At the same time the orders of our clients are carried out promptly and dependably.

Both our suppliers and our customers need to achieve an appropriate benefit. This is fair – and we stick to this.

Our partners value our individual solutions, quick decisions and our expertise, with which we fulfill their needs.

We are also responsible for our employees. Each one of them is special and their work result must be honored appropriately.  As we trust in our team, they need to know that their jobs are safe. The salary for their work needs to be fair and appropriate – a pleasant working place where everybody acts in concent.

We work communicatively, involve our business partners and take much pleasure in our work which results in a high degree of customer satisfaction.